Do I need a broadband connection?

Yes, most VoIP services require a broadband connection. We do not provide a broadband connection. DOCSIS from a cable modem or ADSL from a wireline provider should be considered as minimum requirements.

Toll Free Forwarding - If you will only be using forwarding features, an internet connection is not required. Forwarding of calls can be to cellphones or landlines. VoIP hardware is not required.  Any of the numbers can be forwarded, which makes Remote Office Numbers desirable.

What hardware is required?

All you need are speakers and a microphone connected to your PC, Small headsets available at Office Supply stores and Walmart work great! The system also supports ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapter) or SIP phones. Click on this link to download CounterPath X-Lite softphone

Are any calls free?

Yes, free internet-to-internet calls can be made using VoIP phones or software applications in a PC or Laptop. This service provides a connection to nearly 300 other VoIP service providers. And, these calls are free, as well!

How do I sign-up?

Click on the banner below or the "Click to Sign-up" link. The rest is easy. Sign-up is free and you can start using the free internet calling right away!

What happens when I sign-up?

You will be issued an internet phone number, commonly referred to as a URI.  The number will look like 1-777-123-4567 and the URI will look like this: This is the number other internet callers will use to call you.
Sign-up is as easy as registering for a free email address.

Can I call a regular telephone or cellphone?

Yes, these calls require a prepayment, much like a cellphone, except that there is no long term contract. You can deposit only the amount you need, with as little as $5.00. Currently, calls made within the USA are less than 2 cents per minute. Unlimited plans are available.

Can I receive calls from regular telephones or cell phones?

Yes, these calls require a "real" phone number and may incur a per minute charge, again, much like a cellphone. Numbers start at $1.95 per month. Unlimited plans are available. "Over Stock" numbers are available in some areas, these numbers include incoming minutes. Check the website after you register, for more information on telephone numbers.

How long does it take to get a phone number?

Most numbers are ready in the time it takes to select the type of number (Toll Free, "Over Stock", Business or Residential
) and the calling area. A few minutes!

I'm looking to "Park" my favorite cell phone number, can you do this?

You bet! This is a great place to hold onto a favorite telephone number. There is a "porting" charge, similar to those with cell service. Monthly rates are as low as $1.95. And, you can be using the number to make low cost VoIP calls, until you move the number again. Your friends will still see a familiar Caller ID. Many landlines can be "ported", it's a great way to stay in touch after a move! Click here to see if your number can be ported.