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Recent Projects

Recent Activity Review

Sprint - NEXTEL - (Xohm / WiMAX) Evaluation of hardware system integration impact, RF physical layer testing, supervision and project planning. Direct and participate in procedure and documentation generation. Determine instrumentation requirements and participate in vendor (RF Hardware) evaluations. (2007-2008)
Undisclosed Corp - Acting CTO for major MVDDS spectrum holder. Generate and review RFQ's and RFP's for hardware, software and systems related to market launch and deployment of HDTV broadcast system. (2007-2008)

Undisclosed Corp - Multiple projects, most recently a proposal effort for a 14 path, 100 Mb payload, point-to-point microwave system in the Southern US. Equipment selection, band plan, FCC requirements, personnel and logistic requirements, risk evaluations and costs. (2006)

Undisclosed “Wall Street” - Numerous projects related to investments by Fund Managers on wireless projects and companies. (2005)     

Undisclosed Communications - (Wireless ISP) Provide technical consulting services related to system construction, equipment requirements, preparation of training and policy manuals for employee and contract installation personnel. Coverage propagation and payload documentation, studies and evaluation. (2005)   

Undisclosed LLC - Multiple projects, most recently, technical advice related to point-to-point microwave system. Review and monitoring of IWG-3 activities related to FCC and international allocations of the MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) in the band 2500-2700 MHz. (2005)

Undisclosed Communications - Assessment of digital microwave feed problems on private link providing Comcast SportsNet programing - recommendations accepted and problems resolved.  (2005)

Undisclosed - Evaluation and hardware recommendations related to receiver dynamic range issues in a Digital Two-Way Multi-point Distribution System. (2005)

Undisclosed - Due-diligence subcontract for Undisclosed Communications in Western U.S. Documentation of system, construction, equipment locations, capital, contracts and personnel related to FCC BTA. acquisition.   (2005) 

Large Scale Projects

Philadelphia Wireless Analog Video and Digital Video Development.

Boston Multi Cell Digital Video Engineering and Broadband Wireless Internet Development and Coverage Assessment.

New York Analog Video and Broadband Wireless Internet System Engineering.

Navisink, NJ Multi Platform Broadband Wireless Internet System Design and Deployment.

Pittsburgh Broadband Wireless Internet and Telephony Development.

Dallas City wide Digital Video Development and Broadband Wireless Internet System Design and Deployment.

Ft. Worth City wide Digital Video Development and Broadband Wireless Internet System Design and Deployment.

Denison, TX Broadband Wireless Internet re-Design and re-Build.

Austin Multi-Sector, city wide Broadband Wireless Internet System Design and Deployment.

Amarillo Multi-Cell, Multi-Sector, city wide Broadband Wireless Internet System Development and Evaluation.

Altoona, PA City wide Broadband Wireless Internet Design and Deployment.

Mineral Wells, TX Competitive Marketing Evaluation - Microwave Equipment.

Alpina, MI Equipment Selection Consulting, and Design Reviews for Multi-Site Deployment.

Milpitas - Richmond Design Reviews, Product Marketing, Training and Product Manual Editing.

Muni Wireless (Wireless Philadelphia)